How to Run a Community Climate Circle

If you want to train to become a Community Climate Connector, click here.

This also available as a 2-page PDF:

A Suggested Timetable 7pm is just a suggested start time, to show the use of 90 minutes

7:05 Welcome

Overview of our Community Climate Circles purpose. Mostly discussion, share useful information.

7:10 Social Circle

You (the Connector) go first, then invite each person to share. One minute each, 10 people = 10 minutes. Importance of role-modeling the personal introduction. Then invite someone to go next. Keep a close eye on the time. 

(a) Name, where you live, who’s in your household? 

(b) On a scale of 0-10, what level of concern do you have about the climate crisis? Keep a note of people’s scores.

7:20 Summary of the Climate Emergency.

  • We urgently need to reduce our climate pollution if we want to give our children and grandchildren a chance at the kind of life we have today, when they are grown. (Share map of world at 4 degrees warmer). 
  • Vancouver’s climate action video:  
  • Poll data from July 2019:
  • 82% rated climate change as an extremely serious or serious problem
  • 42% believed it was already an emergency
  • 20% believed it would become an emergency in the next few years.
  • It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Personal sharing as to why you are motivated to organize this Community Climate Circle.

7:30 Our household climate pollution comes from four sources 

  • Burning oil to drive our vehicles, and to power airplane flights 
  • Using oil, gas or wood to heat our homes
  • The food we eat (meat and dairy) and the food we waste. 
  • The stuff we buy

This means there are four ways to reduce or eliminate our household climate pollution. 

7:50 Go-around to share steps that participants may have already taken to reduce their climate pollution, or changes they are thinking about making, or would like to learn more about. 10 x 2 minutes each = 20 minutes

8:10 Questions and discussion. What would enable you to make these changes? What support might you want?

Digital Participants Survey to circulate after we finish. Explain why. Guarantee that people’s emails will be kept private. Share your email, and invite people to send responses. All responses will be anonymized. 

8:25 Shall we meet again, to share our progress? How soon suits people?

8:30 End

Post-Circle Survey for you to fill in as the Climate Connector.

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