Climate and Nature Friendly by 2025?

If you hold a family meeting, you could consider each idea in the chart below, and mark the year when you think you could make it happen. To download a PDF copy of the chart, click here (and see below for another great check-list, from Squamish)

Your Travel
More cycling or walking
Buy an electric vehicle 
Share a ride. Car pool to meetings and events
Use more transit
Green travel bag – reusable travel mug, cutlery, take out containers
Reduce flights: buy carbon offsets if flying
Your Home
Switch to LED lightbulbs
Upgrade to more efficient appliances
Improve your home insulation
Hire a City Green Home Energy Auditor
Replace an oil or gas heater or dependence on base-board heaters with a heat-pump
Upgrade your windows
Your Finances
Switch to a climate-friendly bank or credit union. Avoid RBC, TD, Scotia, BMO, CIBC, Montreal.
Switch to climate-friendly investments.
Your Business
Become Vancouver Green Business Certified
Become a Certified B Corporation
Your Land
Place a Conservation Covenant on your forest or farm
Use the ecoforestry approach to timber management
Safeguard your home against forest fires 
Your Garden
Grow your own food organically
Save your own food by drying, canning and freezing
Harvest rainwater in tanks, swales and ponds
Save water by cover crops, mulching, drip irrigation
Create habitat for birds, bats, bees, native plants and wildlife
Save your own seeds 
Switch to an electric mower, weed-eater, chainsaw
Your Shopping
Use re-useable shopping bags, re-fillable containers 
Buy organic products
Eliminate or reduce meat/fish to once a week
Eliminate non-sustainable/conflict palm oil products
Buy tree-free or 100% recycled paper, tissues, toilet-paper
Buy safe personal care products – toothpaste, lotions, cosmetics
Buy Fair Trade chocolate and other products
Buy safe green household cleaning products 
Buy nature-friendly clothing
Learn how to knit, sew and repair clothing
Buy clothes from a charity store or second-hand shop
Upcycle or creatively re-use clothing and other items
Your Wastes
Practice zero-waste shopping
Compost your food and garden wastes
Try to achieve zero waste to the landfill
Donate unwanted items to charity stores or Habitat for Humanity
Your End
Leave a legacy for climate and nature in your will
Plan a green burial

The District of Squamish has also developed this great checklist, which you can print:

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