Climate Action Letters

Here are some letters you can write to ask for more climate action: A Letter to your landlord, asking if they can retrofit your building A Letter to a Grocery Store, asking the owner/manager if they can produce less waste A Letter to your Bank, telling them why you are leaving, because they continueContinue reading “Climate Action Letters”

How to Run a Community Climate Circle

This also available as a 2-page PDF: A Suggested Timetable 7pm is just a suggested start time, to show the use of 90 minutes 7:05 Welcome Overview of our Community Climate Circles purpose. Mostly discussion, share useful information. 7:10 Social Circle You (the Connector) go first, then invite each person to share. One minute each,Continue reading “How to Run a Community Climate Circle”

Inviting Your Friends, Neighbours or Workmates

Our goal is to support our friends, neighbours or workmates as they seek ways to reduce their climate pollution by inviting them to a Community Climate Circle. But how do you start if you haven’t met your neighbours, and if they live behind a closed door, or at the end of a long rural driveway?Continue reading “Inviting Your Friends, Neighbours or Workmates”

Climate and Nature Friendly by 2025?

If you hold a family meeting, you could consider each idea in the chart below, and mark the year when you think you could make it happen. To download a PDF copy of the chart, click here (and see below for another great check-list, from Squamish) 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Your Travel More cyclingContinue reading “Climate and Nature Friendly by 2025?”