Welcome to Community Climate Circles

We are a group of people in the Nanaimo region of Vancouver Island who share a deep concern about the global climate emergency, and who seek more rapid action.

We have developed the Community Climate Circles as a way to help neighbours, friends and workmates to reduce their household climate pollution, and to engage with our political leaders to tackle the climate emergency with more urgency. Click on the button below to learn how to reduce your personal climate pollution.

  • Click on the button below to train to become a Community Climate Connector, and invite neighbours or workmates to meet in a Community Climate Circle.

Our next Learning Session is on Wednesday November 17th, at 7pm. To register, click here

In this evening session, you will learn how to run a Community Climate Circle with your friends, neighbours or workmates, to help them reduce their personal climate pollution, and – if they want to – take other forms of climate action. Your speakers/trainers for the evening are Guy Dauncey and Heather Baitz.

This is a project of the Nanaimo Climate Action Hub. The work of our organizing team is voluntary. We are grateful to the City of Nanaimo and the Royal Society for the Arts (London), for the funding to support our Program Coordinator, Liza Potvin.